"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice" Anton Chekhov

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Our Core Values are: Reliability, Expertise and Adaptability


"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination" Albert Einstein


Danielle Tichner

Founder & CEO

Danielle is the founder and chairman of and CEO of Hong Kong Israel Trade Association (HITA), former CMO of SpacePharma, active in research in Space; former CMO/COO & shareholder of RideOn, augmented reality for outdoors and Purchasing Supply Chain and Operations head of BU BDS of Philips Royal Electronics. Danielle holds Masters Degree from Bradford university and has an extensive experience in managing cross border projects, strategy, business development and operations and has established W-SOURCE to help asian companies to penetrate Europe and European companies to expand to Asia.


Even Wanounou

CFO & Special Projects

Even is a senior financial controller and project manager, acting as advisor to SNTP, Togo's Phosphor Company, former Business Controller of The Israeli Railway Company, Israeli Museum of Jerusalem and Israeli Defence Force. Even holds a BBA degree in Finance from Touro College of Jerusalem and a Business Degree from the University of Geneva


Guy Sterkens

CTO & Operations

Guy is a senior manager, a seasoned entrepreneur and Outsourcing Expert, former Philips Electronics Outsourcing Manager, currently an advisor to IMI and others. Guy holds Masters degree in Engineering & Computer Science as well as Master of Business Administration from Leuven University.


The only source of knowledge is experience - Albert Einstein


Noga Martin

Community & Social Media Advisor 

Noga is a certified editor and translator, with  a sound experience in copywriting, content marketing materials and community management. Noga has worked on social media campaigns of numerous israeli high-tech and low-tech companies


Elissa Hwang

Systems & Processes Advisor

Elissa is a former Project and Product Manager with LG Electronics, she has introduced SAP within Doosan Group and has performed a number of senior management positions in global companies. Elissa is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for new technologies and good understanding of financial markets

Laura Otterpohl Headshot.jpeg

Laura Otehnpol

China Due Diligence Advisor

Laura assists clients with China Market Pre-Entry Strategy and Business Partner Reputational Due Diligence on Chinese companies. ​Forensic Accountant by training (Masters in Forensic Accounting) with background in fraud investigation, former anti-bribery investigator at PwC China. 

Sabrina Guangzhou.JPG

Sabrina Tang

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong Project Manager & Coordinator

Sabrina is a seasoned sales and project manager with an extensive experience in sport products, mechanical design and manufacturing, IoT, AR and wearables.

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Karen Gordon

Investment Advisor Europe

Karen is a seasoned professional and expert in innovation, technologies and funding. 
Karen is acting as Senior Investment Advisor for Business France, the business and venture arm of the french government. 
Karen brings on board her expertise in business expansion in Europe and investment strategy.

Headshot - formal.jpg

Eliza Lee

Digital Strategy & Marketing Partner

With over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Eliza has been actively involved in startups and led many digital projects in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After being part of OpenMinds Malaysia for over 2 years, she founded OpenMinds Hong Kong and is overseeing all growth and operations in the country. Currently, steered by a passion in the field, she is also leading the Blockchain & Fintech marketing & development arm of OpenMinds HK.